e.g. Acura CL 2002 or NavRGB HA12

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CANBOX 3.0 Capabilities:
Update, Upgrade,
Add Options and Features.
Get the NavTool updater software:
download updater
go download
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What are CANBOX 3.0
Online Updates?
1. Add new options.
2. Change software to any
    other CANBOX 3.0
    Compatible Vehicle.
3. Upgrade to new features
How do I update my unit?  
1. Download NavTool software.
No installation is required.
2. Connect NavTool product to internet enabled computer using USB cable.
3. Choose the desired vehicle and select from the available updates. If you are installing the paid update, enter the code provided during the purchase.

Get the NavTool online updater software:

download updater

Click the button above to download the program. Our software doesn't require installation and will work with recent versions of the Windows OS. To run the program - simply double click on the downloaded file and run it.

Note for Windows Vista and Windows 7/8/10 users:
You will need to run the program as Administrator. In order to do that, please right click the icon of the program and select "Run as Administrator" option.
Free and paid updates

Some of the updates for NavTool interfaces are free and some require to be purchased. The updates that allow the unit to have additional features in most cases will be paid. Updates that provide enhancement of the existing features, and sometimes the ability to have the interface installed on a different vehicle are often free of charge. The updates will be sold on NavTool website and over the phone.

How to find out about new updates?

the software for updates, and occasionally check the list of available updates for your vehicle. Additionally we will be announcing all newly released updates on the NavTool website and on the Facebook page.

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