e.g. Acura CL 2002 or NavRGB HA12

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Unit Modification Request
When you are sending the unit for in-house modificatins, please fill the form below before sending it to us.

Please note the following:

  • If the information is wrong or incomplete, NavTool is not responcible for any damage resulted in by it.
  • Removing the unit and installing it after the modification is not NavTool responsibility. Any damage to the vehicle, navigation system or installed NavTool equipment caused by wrongfully performed installation is not covered by NavTool warranty. If you are not sure how to perform these operations, please hire the professional installer to do them for you. NavTool may provide the advisory on the operation, however will not be able to assume responsibility for it.
  • When sending the radio to NavTool, please remove CDs and DVDs from the radio. All units which will be shipped with CD or DVD inside will be returned without modifications at the sender expence.


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