e.g. Acura CL 2002 or NavRGB HA12

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Our Guarantee 

Our unique hardware and software solutions assure the best quality of the picture possible on a given screen. Every interface is carefully designed and tested before we present it on the market. Here at NavTool we take pride of our long standing reputation of providing reliable and advanced solutions for your vehicle. Our confidence in the product is represented in one year no-questions-asked warranty on our interfaces.


Reliability Comes First!

To ensure problem-free operation we use highly reliable and advanced components including microprocessors, OEM-grade, fail-proof, heavy-duty harnesses and connectors as well as sturdy, fail-proof cases.


Quality Control

Each and every NavTool interface is thoroughly tested on the specific vehicle it is intended to work on. All interfaces we sell are individually tested before they are shipped to ensure your satisfaction. That is the reason why we provide twelve month no-questions-asked warranty on our interfaces.



svs_backelorette.jpgNavTool products installation process is generally kept simple, however the 2.0 NavTool products became even simpler. Most of the new interfaces plug-and-play wiring harness, and do not require any alterations of the vehicles harness, except for simple connection of the interface. Updated user friendly controls, as well as comprehensive light indicators providing the ease of installation and programming of the interface. Please refer to our user manuals for specific instructions applicable to your vehicle.


To get installation instructions for your vehicle, click here


we recommend the installation be performed by a professional installer. Remember: the warranty does not cover damage inflicted by an unprofessional installation process. If you choose to install NavTool unit yourself, please make sure to study the manual for your specific product and read the additional instructions that were sent to you with the interface.


Warranty Terms & Conditions

12 months warranty: if NavTool interface should fail for any reason within the 12 month period from date of purchase, NavTool will provide repairs free of charge (the proof of purchase required). If interface fails to operate properly for any reason within the 12 month period and you receive repaired interface from NavTool keep in mind that your warranty will NOT be extended, it's a 12 month warranty from original date of purchase. If interface fails within 12 months we don't ask any questions just send it back to NavTool for repair (Must provide proof of purchase from us) and you will receive repaired unit back free of shipping charges.

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