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    Navigation System Upgrade. Add, Upgrade, or Replace Navigation Sytem

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NavTool Navigation System Upgrade.Add, Upgrade, or Replace Navigation Sytem

NavTool M.S.R.P. : $600.00
September 2023 Special Sale Price : $359.99
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Upgrade Your NavRGB3.0 to NAVRGB3.0-HDMI with built-in Modern Up To Date 21th Century navigation system 
Replace your Outdated or Broken Factory Navigation System. Add Navigation System To Non Navigation Cars.

Ultra-Fast Navigation Engine Delightful Driving Experience

The Ultra-Fast Navigation Engine locates GPS position rapidly, offers efficient routing precisely and voice prompts for routing guidance. Intelligent map matching technology can filter unstable GPS signals to improve the navigation performance. We have won the trust and confidence of our global car manufacturer clients, and the brand value propositions of stable quality and supreme service. We assure our clients of the precise, quick, and stable driving experiences.

Advanced Point Addressing

NavTool’s Advanced Pointing Addressing function improves the navigation guidance experience with enhanced arrival accuracy. It delivers a more rewarding point-to-point routing experience by providing more accurate to-the-door arrival. In addition to the benefits are offered by NavTool’s Advanced Pointing Addressing function, in-vehicle navigation system including visual content can provide more intuitive guidance and orientation that helps guide the driver to the exact point of their destination.

Landmark Voice Direction

You can listen to the navigation instructions while driving without distractions. It gives you the voice-guided directions in a more user-friendly experience to make a turn at the obvious landmark and drive safely on the correct road.
It offers the most useful map data for GPS navigation, shows you the landmark directions, and warns you the next road name and landmark distance on the road.

3D Landmarks and Buildings

3D landmark and building models on the full view of the map make a comprehensive survey of surrounding area. It’s easy to recognize the direction and drive on the city roads. 360° 3D models rotation as if you are navigating in a real world.

Junction View

NavTool’s Junction View function enables car navigation systems to assist you driving in a complex junction by displaying the realistic junction image on the full map or split screen automatically while you’re moving toward the highway exits and intersections. The intuitive visual guidance simplifies the process of navigating complex junctions and shows the appropriate lane you should take. The Junction View function makes map navigation easier to visualize, allows drivers to follow instructions easily. You won’t miss your turn or make any dangerous lane changes.

Road Signs As Real

NavTool Sign As Real function provides realistic graphic representations of key road signs for specific guidance. The function enables improved guidance at complex decision points for the drivers by displaying a reconstructed image of the sign, emphasized destination sign text and fading out irrelevant sign information. It supports the drivers to recognize real situations easily during maneuvers. The integration of the new visual objects with maps will offer a better navigation experience.

Lane Marking

NavTool’s Lane Marking function helps the driver to get in the appropriate lane by displaying arrows indicating the next exit for complex highway interchanges. It’s easier to navigate you in the correct lane before the upcoming junction. It shows the Lane instruction on the road with the location of markers indicating the entrance, the lane, and the exit. There are the benefits from Lane Marking Guidance that can help drivers choose an appropriate lane position and have enough time to change lanes in advance.

Speed Limit Alert & Speed Camera Alert

NavTool provides speed camera alert function. You can choose the setting of the warning distance, icon, and alarm.

Once you enable speed alerts, which will warn you when you are driving over the speed limit. If you are over the speed limit, you’ll read the red speed in the bottom right corner and will keep hearing “Drive Slowly” sound. This function could be enabled or disabled. To ensure your safety, it also provides speed camera alert. The speed cameras sign will show when there are speed cameras in front of the car. The speed camera alert will warn you when the speed camera is approaching along the road. You will hear “Speed Camera Ahead” sound when it is approaching; then you will hear one “Ding” sound when you deviate from the speed camera.

Note: NavTool is not responsible for the speed camera data’s correctness.

Multilingual-Voices, Texts and Voice Guidance

NavTool supports more than 30 languages’ texts, voices, and universal input methods for prompt crystal voice guidance with turn by turn directions. The Language Menu allows you to change the Settings of NavTool for use in different countries. You can change the Text and Voice prompts used by NavTool.

Support Language:
American English, British English, Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Germany, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Malaysian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Persian, Beijing, Hakka1, Hakka2, Taiwanese, Vietnamese

Live Traffic 

NavTool provides Live Traffic function, including real-time traffic flow, traffic event detour, direction highlights of traffic events, automatic list the traffic events, and weather information. Based on the traffic events, the accident detour feature recognizes traffic jams and accident events on the highway. It immediately calculates detours and gives hints. Traffic flow function enables navigation systems to offer drivers more useful real-time traffic information. It is a detailed, accurate and up-to-date digital dataset consisting offroad network, road categories, and routing information for drivers to manage your routing planning that helps cars and fleets smarter and navigation applications more robust. NavTool clearly marks the direction on the road (next to the affected lanes) where a traffic event happened and offers an automatic list of the traffic events that impact on the itinerary.

Multi-Stop Route Plan Manually and Automatically

NavTool’s Multi-Stop Route Plan function provides you the smartest itinerary management! It also supports two models of multi-stop route planning manually and automatically. If you have some places to visit on your itinerary, you can add several new navigation destinations on the journey easily. Besides, there are a variety of different routing settings, such as vehicle type, faster, shorter, avoid highways, avoid toll road, avoid minor roads, and avoid ferry. It can calculate the multi-stop route plan rapidly with the preferred options.

Keyword Search

Keyword Full Text Search allows you to simply enter the partial name of the point of interest or road, find related terms appear near the top of the list and finally get the search results of your destination easily. The sequence of the result list is sorted by the distance. The maximum searching distance is 2,000 miles and maximum lists the 300 POIs that were previously in sequential order for convenience should you decide to revisit the same place in the future. It provides nearby POIs’ category searching methods to speed up destination searching, such as restaurant, shopping, travel, hotel, traffic, government, sports facility, service center, etc.

Smart Input 

Smart Input can automatically gray out characters and speed up address entry.

Diverse Destination Searching Methods

NavTool provides diverse destination searching methods to speed up destination searching, including: address, points of interest (POI), keyword, my favorite, recent, current position, coordinate, category, and photo . It not only provides recently search function that keeps the user searching history and easy to find it again, but also provides a nearby search function that enables the user to search around their locations destination. It immediately lists Search Results by the distance to the current location from near to far.

Personal Navi Data Recording

NavTool is your personal navigation assistant by providing personal navigation data recording: “My Favorite”, “My Itinerary”, and “Recently Searching History”. NavTool’s My Favorite function allows you to store and list up to 50 destinations that were previously entered in sequential order and it’s very convenient for you to revisit the same places in the future. It also offers My Itinerary function, a list of the user-defined intermediate waypoints and enables you to set on the way to your destination. NavTool keeps your Recent Search History automatically and makes it easy to find it again.

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