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About NavTool
NavTool is a New York based company that designs, manufactures, and distributes several types of devices created to expand the electronics capabilities of vehicles. The vital device of our product line is an interface that expands video input options to your vehicle’s navigation screens.

While possibilities vary with the year, model, and make of your vehicle, potential enhancements to the video system include connecting back-up and front view cameras, using the rearview camera while en route, video-in-motion capabilities, connectivity for various external video sources such as DVD player, TV, iPad/iPod/iPhone, Blue Ray DVD player, game console, tablet and more.

The NavTool interface connects a video source of your choice to the original factory vehicle navigation system or color screen (as long as there is a factory color screen, it works). While you are watching a video, navigation instructions may still be heard. Returning to the navigation mode can be done with just the touch of a button.

how does it work?
NavTool video interfaces enable your navigation screens to display a video signal from several types of video sources. Depending on type of the interface NavTool video interfaces can convert a signal from DVD players, cameras, iPads/iPhones/iPods, and even computers.
Simply connect your device to the navigation screen through NavTool video interface, and enjoy the capabilities, your navigation never had before!



Refined American Quality


Unlike most of what’s out there, NavTool products are truly American. Our headquarters are in New York, our components are U.S.-sourced. All design and assembly is done in U.S.A.

svs_backelorette.jpgNavTool delivers second to none quality.
Need a proof?

Open up our interface and compare the workmanship with other products. Notice the component quality, soldering, etc. You will see why our reliable interfaces outlast the competition, and that is why NavTool interfaces are truly of American quality. The number of movable sub-components has been minimized (via software), to prevent potential failure points.


Advanced Technology

We have perfected our hardware and software to bring to you the best picture quality and resolution. Every interface is carefully designed and tested before we present it to the market. Here at NavTool we take pride in our long standing reputation as a provider of reliable and advanced solutions for your vehicle.

Reliability Comes First!

To ensure problem-free operation we implement only top quality components in our interfaces. Advanced microprocessors, OEM-grade, fail-proof, heavy-duty harnesses and connectors come together in our sturdy, fail-proof cases to bring to you a lasting, efficient device.


New Capabilities with Version 3.0

The NavTool video converter interface has recently undergone a revolutionary re-design, and now offers even better reliability and control. We have made many enhancements to the device operation, such as simpler user interfaces, and packaged the improved product in a compact case. The product now offers two ground-breaking features:

Instant online updates:

We are constantly working to provide you with the newest and most efficient versions of our software. The 3.0 versions of the NavTool interfaces have the capability of receiving software updates remotely. Simply connect the interface to the computer and download the updates from our website. Our software will select available updates and install them directly into the interface.


Switch-the-vehicle capabilities:*

The design of our 3.0 type interfaces allows using the same product on different vehicles with a simple change of software. This feature gives additional flexibility to both vehicles owners and the installers:

Car Owner

If you wish to transfer the NavTool capabilities to your new vehicle, you can do so by installing the software version compatible with the new vehicle on your own.

Auto Dealer and Auto Service

Stocking NavTool products is now easier! Since one type of interface can be made compatible with multiple vehicles depending on the software installed, you can meet the needs of more customers. Instead of placing an order and waiting for your delivery each and every time you need an interface, simply take one from your stock and install the software version you need through our easy-to-use website.


Learn more...


*Not compatible with all vehicles.
Please check the which interfaces are interchnageable.



While the installation of our products is relatively simple, we always recommend your rely on the help of a professional installer to ensure the proper operation of your NavTool device.


Please Note: if you attempt to perform installation yourself instead of the recommended professional installation by qualified installer, please carefuly study our installation instructions before proceeding. Damage to the interface inflicted by unqualified personnel during the installation process is not covered by the NavTool warranty.


For more installation information, and manuals, click here


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