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DVI IDriveROUND Navigation Video Interface
for BMW vehicles


Interface for connecting DVD, BluRay, Camera and other video sources to O.E.M. navigation

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Compatible with:

  BMW 1 Series 2009-2013 buy
  BMW 3 Series 2009-2013 buy
  BMW 5 Series 2010 buy
  BMW 5 Series 2011-2012 buy
  BMW 6 Series 2010 buy
  BMW 6 Series 2011-2013 buy
  BMW 7 Series 2009-2012 buy
  BMW X1 2013-2014 buy
  BMW X3 2011-2013 buy
  BMW X5 2010-2013 buy
  BMW X6 2010-2014 buy
  BMW Z4 2009-2014 buy
  This device allows video connection of up to three composite video inputs, including one backup camera to O.E.M factory navigation screen.
  DVI IDRIVEROUND¬†is a navigation video interfaces that adds video capabilities
to BMW vehicles with factory installed navigation system.


    - 100% Plug-and-Play
    - Composite video input
    - Up to 3 inputs available
    - Video-in-Motion enabled
    - Camera (front or back) ready
    - Updatable over Internet
    - Accessory Power Output


  DVI IDRIVEROUND + BMW Harnesses are 100% plug and play - no wire cutting required. NavTool plug and play installation harnesses are made using OEM BMW connectors. DVI IDRIVEROUND is installed in-line with the navigation computer and navigation screen. It works simply by interrupting the video signal from the navigation computer when it is activated. When this occurs the navigation system video image isreplaced by the video source connected trough DVI IDRIVEROUND video interface.
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